Mar 19, 2020

The storm clouds roll in above us, and the waters darken beneath us. The river gets rough, the winds scatter us, and the horizon becomes blotted. Immediately, the focus narrows to the ABCs of the rocks, whirlpools, and falls before us. And Together, we must face them and ride the razor’s edge between faith and fear. We are all on this Beautiful Ship circling the sun Together, and we are beholden to one another. Being social creatures, we suddenly feel alone and isolated, on our own little rafts. Still, we must continually throw out a line to one another, to find a way with Love and Grace to close the distance, to tie our rafts Together. We must Keep Going, Keep Paddling, and keep our Lifelines out there. And if you get lost, don’t let pride stop you from sending out an SOS, you are NOT alone. Now is the time to be there for one another, now is our Time to Shine, to show who we are Individually and Collectively. Together we will endure these rapids. Together we will get to calmer, clearer waters. Together we will be Wiser, more In-Tune with who we are and with each other, and thus, we will be Better for it. I’ll meet you there, my Friends.

With Love and Peace,

Mike Vallely