Mar 28, 2020

My daughter Emily and I are Grateful for Your Support during these uncommon times. We have continued to ship Street Plant Skateboards, Wheels, and related products from our Garage in Long Beach, CA, with Gratitude all over the world. Our work is meaningful to us, and we want to assure you that we take yours and our health and safety very seriously, and that it’s only the two of us here in the Garage working and that no one else is handling products or packaging. We frequently wash our hands, and we have been practicing social distancing in all aspects of our lives.

Skateboarding brings Joy, Self-Esteem, and Transcendence to people all over the world, and it is our daily intention to Inspire Decency and Kindness in and out of Skateboarding, and to Positively Participate in supplying Skateboard products and a Compassionate and Inclusive message to all. The Community that has grown around our Family owned small business is a Blessing, and we want you all to know that we are Thankful for you and that we are here for you.

Much Love from Garageland!