Jul 08, 2020



All Street Plant Boards ship from our Home to Yours with Love!


The word - love - being written on all of our Boards is simply about Personalizing Every Board, Touching Every Board that passes through Garageland, and Imparting some Good Energy into them. It’s an idea, a Good Thought — To send the Boards out with Love and Kindness. The Recognition that the Person who receives the Board IS a Person, not a faceless consumer, but Someone Connected to us through this small interaction, and Someone that we Greatly Value.


I Believe in Love.

Love is Open, Optimistic, Hopeful, and Kind.

Love is Compassionate, Sympathetic, Tolerant, and Understanding.

Love is Sincere, Courageous, Enthusiastic, and Strong.

Love is Thoughtful, Patient, Spontaneous, and Imaginative.

Love is Enlightened, Reflective, Humble, and Wise.

Love is Sturdy, Cheerful, Sensitive, and Enduring.

Love is Humorous, Generous, Authentic, and Free.

Love is Diverse, Dignified, Independent, and Just.

Love is Earnest, Joyful, Energetic, and Inspirational.

Love is Considerate, Tender, Persistent, and Peaceful.

Love is Heroic, Humane, Persevering, and Fair.

Love is Gracious, Thankful, Happy, and Positive.

Love is Honorable, Reasonable, Liberating, and Protective.

Love is a Dialogue

Love is a Movement.

Love is an Exclamation.

Love is The Dawn.

Love is Life.

I Believe in Love.


Thanks for Your Support of our Family owned Skateboard Company!

Much Love!


Mike Vallely