Newsletter December 2021

Dec 08, 2021

We moved to Des Moines, Iowa, just under a year ago. I had become aware of the city many years before, while passing through on tour, and made a mental note at that time: I could see myself living here. From the Sculpture Park downtown, across the Des Moines River into the East Village, I found the city to be welcoming and with a positive, energetic pulse. When I learned of the bicycle culture throughout Iowa, specifically in Des Moines, I knew this was where I wanted to live, put down roots, and make a life. The Lauridsen Skatepark opening downtown this past spring was serendipitous and more proof of the city’s dedication to not just being a political capital but a recreational one. My wife Ann and I are so happy to call Des Moines home, run Street Plant here in Iowa, and be a part of a soulful business community. We are Thankful for the Friends we have made since moving here, and we are Grateful for all of the support we have received throughout Iowa and the Midwest

Street Plant® is a 100% Independently owned and operated Family business. We exist to Welcome All into Skateboarding with Love. To promote the Art and Fun of Skateboarding. To Support, Service, Inspire, and Empower Skateboarders—the Freest, most Unique and Creative People in the world—by making the Highest Quality Skateboards, Wheels, Apparel, and Accessories. Skate. Create. Enjoy!®

—The Vallely Family
I’ve been Skateboarding for thirty-seven years. I’ve pushed forward through every era, determined to do good, manifest positivity, and popularize Skateboarding in the most meaningful way. My Love for Skateboarding and my certainty that Skateboarding matters have sustained me and blessed me with a purposeful life. All along, I’ve been searching for a company like Cariuma, one with soul. Not fixated on what was but invested in what is. Steadfast in doing better, in making a difference, in pushing forward. My road has led me here, INTO THE NOW.

The inspiration for The Vallely was simple: to design the best looking, most durable, and sustainable Skateboard Shoe in the world. The silhouette is very much like a modern Skate Shoe, like the Catiba Pro, but just a touch higher, with a stylish nod to the basketball shoes I wore Skating in the streets in the mid-late 80s.

Similar to putting out a record or designing a signature model Skateboard, this shoe has my fingerprint on it; well, really, my heart and soul are in it. I worked closely with Cariuma to design The Vallely to my specifications. Working with them has been one of the best collaborative experiences I have ever had in my thirty-plus years of professional Skateboarding.

Independently owned, Cariuma’s co-founders Fernando and David have set out to revolutionize the sneaker market by abandoning fast-fashion practices. Certified as a B Corporation, like Patagonia, Cariuma is a company that takes its social and environmental responsibilities seriously, to use business as a force for good.

The Vallely is ultra-durable and ethically crafted, engineered with high-performance vegan suede—which is 2.5x more resistant than animal suede—heavy-duty recycled fabric, and a vulcanized natural rubber outsole. The Vallely features a triple-stitched upper, fully stitched outsole, and rubber overlays. The cork + memory foam (from mamona oil) insoles are super comfy and plant-based.

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Much Love and Respect!
— The Vallely Family