Newsletter September 2021

Sep 01, 2021

After a distressing series of misadventures, I found myself sitting at the kitchen table with my wife Ann and our daughters Emily and Lucy. I had only a few seeds left, a few dreams, but I was afraid to plant them; I had lost faith in myself. Breaking through the clouds, my daughter Emily shone like the sun —You are not alone. I will help you; WE will help you, Together we will nurture and protect these dreams—And with this simple act of Love, our kitchen table became fertile ground, my tears rained down, and as a Family, we sowed the seeds of Street Plant...

Every day, we went out into our Garage, our Garden. There amongst the washer and dryer and storage boxes, our hopes for Street Plant took root, and we tapped into a deeper source of nourishment emanating from the belief that Skateboarding is Substantive, Transcendent, and Inclusive. Together, we manifested the kind of Skateboard Company that I had idealized and envisioned since I was fourteen years old. I began to feel whole again, and my Love for myself and Skateboarding was reborn, like a flower bursting through concrete.

Today, we continue to cultivate a Skateboard Company with a Positive Purpose by putting People First, making Quality Products, and Valuing the Art of Skateboarding. Focusing on Fun over hype and image, our approach to Skateboarding is philosophic: Skate, Create, Enjoy!

We Appreciate Your Support of Street Plant, our Family, and Independent Skateboarding!

Much Love,
I met Kristian Svitak in the autumn of 1998. He'd been Skating for ten years, starting at the peak of '80s popularity, through the lean and underground '90s. He was of a band of brothers who had never quit, whose Board had never been closeted or stored away in a garage somewhere. I had just begun working with John Lucero at Black Label Skateboards, riding for and helping manage the team. Matt Hensley and I were demoing in San Diego, California, when Kristian approached me and asked if he could Skate with us. I remember it so distinctly, more so than any other time as a young Skater had ever asked me the same question. There was a humility and hunger in his eyes that I immediately connected with and a strong sense that I had somehow known him my whole life. Of course, Kristian Skated with us that day, and he was on the Black Label Team within weeks. From there, we traveled across the US, into Canada, to Europe and Australia together, and he became a close friend to Ann and me and a big brother to Emily. Those were some of the best times.

To this day, Kristian is Family, and when we started Street Plant six years ago, Kristian was there with us from the start, representing EVERYTHING Street Plant stands for—Independence, Creativity, and Fun. Kristian has now been Skating for thirty-three years, twenty-two as a Pro, and to this day, he embodies the very best of Skateboarding with Positivity and Love. We are honored to know and work with him and present his new Pro-Model Collection: Skate Rat since '88 with Art by Greg Higgins and Rob Wallace.
I met Yusuke Tsuge in 2015 at Shin-Yokohama Skatepark while on a tour of Japan. On the night we met, Yusuke gifted me a drawing of a Samurai. I did not know nor plan at that time for Yusuke's Art to become a part of Street Plant, but I did know I had met a new Friend.

When I revisited Japan in 2016 with Kristian Svitak, we met up with Yusuke in Zushi. He brought paintings with him this time, one of a Ninja for Kristian and one of a Samurai for me. We were so blown away by his kindness, thoughtfulness, and the quality of his Art that I knew right then, at that moment, his Art would adorn Street Plant Boards.

Since then, Yusuke's Art has been an integral part of our story, of who we are. When we first released Boards with his Art on them in 2016, he posted a photo of those Boards to social media with the caption: "Let's Go!"—which has become our Battle Cry—one of great Optimism and Determination.

The first Let's Go! 2021 drop (the second drop will be for Holiday' 21) includes three new Moderately Shaped Boards, my OG Powell Peralta Shape with Modern Concave, and a 58mm Wheel, all emblazoned with Yusuke's Iconic Samurai Art.
Natas on my Mind is a collection of thoughts about a life spent straddling the gap between mortal and spirit realms from a man who had the prescience and more importantly, the heart to recognize, from his first push on a Skateboard, the universal in the granular—the cosmic in the insular experience.

Jay Adams, Stacy Peralta, Gonz, and Natas are but a few of the points of light in Skateboarding’s constellation that Vallely telescopes in on, his thoughts poignantly illuminating the ethereal connections between chipped curbs, splintered ramps, and dreams cast in empty parking lots that every kid who’s ever pushed around on a board has felt. From his introduction to Skateboarding in 1984 to his years spent Skating alongside some of the best to ever do it, and in a voice that is undeniably and defiantly his own, Vallely dances in the seams and tugs at the loose threads of the fabric that weaves all Skaters together.

Mike Vallely is a Poet and Skateboarding is the lexicon of his life.

— Mike Montgomery