Rizzo and JoJo

Jan 08, 2020

I’ll never forget your sweet faces, your gentle souls, your unconditional Love, and your sure and steady companionship.
It’s hard not to think about how I could have done better by you, but you could never have those doubts, you always did your very best by me.
Through some of the darkest times in my life, into the light, you Loved me, walked with me, made me better, helped me to heal.
The story of the beginning of the second half of my life includes two dogs.
When Street Plant was still just a fuzzy Dream, you joined me each morning, running out into the Garage, eager to be of assistance, and you were. You are.
And Together, truly Together, we turned a Dream into a Path, and we walk it still.
We walk it still.
Forever in my heart and thoughts,
Thank You! 

— Mike Vallely