True North

Jul 17, 2020

Every morning, I rise with the sun, grateful for another day, and I take stock of my blessings: family, friends, life itself. I greet the mountain before me, and I begin to climb again, one foot in front of the other. Even in these difficult and challenging times, my work brings me fulfillment and focus. Knowing that Skateboarding brings joy, self-esteem, and transcendence to people worldwide, I continue climbing, confident that I serve a meaningful purpose. Our family-owned Skateboard Company has renewed resolve: what we do matters.


Still, the days can be hard to navigate. With so many twists and turns, it can be easy to lose one's way. Therefore, it is important to pause, step back, and gain some perspective—to make certain we are doing our best, doing right by each other, and moving in the direction of our dreams. We remain optimistic. We infuse love and positive energy into all we do. We stay focused on creating the highest quality Skateboard Products and delivering a compassionate and inclusive message to a global community of enthusiasts. This is our True North.


The evening comes, and I lay my work down. I reflect on the lessons of the day and contemplate how I can better walk through the next. Enjoying family time and the company of our dogs, I step outside and look up at the stars. I marvel with awe and wonder at the gift of life. As I lie down for the night, I close my eyes, knowing that I did my best and can always do better. I drift off, thankful for the opportunity to try again.


Mike Vallely