About The Hosts

Hosts Dan Sheehan and Dave Pike, members of The Stoke Brigade, met through The Battalion, via social media.

Dan, residing in Tennessee, has been skateboarding off and on since 1994. At 30 years old, he suffered a debilitating injury that took him off the board for close to 5 years. After discovering Street Plant and The Battalion, a new sense of motivation got him back to skating again with a whole new purpose and outlook on life.

Dave, residing in Virginia, started skateboarding at the early age of 8 years old. But around the age of 15, Dave felt pressure from his Lacrosse and Hockey coach to quit because they feared he would get injured. By the time high school came around, skateboarding almost faded away. Years later, at 38 years old, Dave decided he wanted to get back into skateboarding. With a quick google search, he found Street Plant. The rest is history in the making.